Saturday, February 24, 2024

Sunday Stealing


Welcome to Sunday Stealing. This feature originated and published on WTIT: The Blog. Here we will steal all types of questions from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent questions. Cheers to all of us thieves.

Stolen from SwapBot

1. Have you ever smoked cigarettes?
I bought a package of cigarettes when I was in high school, smoked one cigarette, hated it, and have never smoked since.  I tried marijuana once, but since I don't know how to get smoke into my lungs it did nothing for me.

2. What do you think of hot dogs?
I have to admit I like them, in buns.  And I know it's terrible, but I use both mustard and catsup.

3. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
Coffee.  Black.

4. What's your favorite piece of jewelry that you own?
I have a necklace with an elephant on it that I ordered from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.

5. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink?
Actually, the only things I drink are coffee and water.

6. Like to travel?
We have traveled a lot (24 countries) and I enjoyed it, but now that my body doesn't move all that well, I am not looking forward to traveling again.

7. What should you be doing right now?
This.  Or working on our new puzzle.  Or taking my morning pills. 

8, Your phone rings. Who do you want it to be?
My daughter is the only person who ever calls me.

9. Do you like to ride horses?
I have always loved horses and always wanted to ride, but have only been on a horse a few times and never really learned how to be comfortable.  As a kid, I always envisioned myself flying down the beach on the back of The Black.

10. In a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener?
A listener.

11. What's in your pocket right now?
no pockets in what I'm wearing.

12. Last thing that made you laugh?
The dog always makes me laugh.  Everything he does is funny.

13. How many TVs do you have in your house?
I think 6.  One in my office, one in the family room, one in Walt's office, one in his bedroom, one in Ned & Marta's bedroom and one in their big room.  Ned and I are both TV addicts.

14. Who's your loudest friend?
Ned!  Which is great because I can understand him whether I have my hearing aids in or not.

15. Favorite sports team
The  49ers.  Sigh.  In spite of everything it was a good SuperBowl, even if they lost.





Friday, February 23, 2024

Saturday 9


Welcome to Saturday: 9. 

What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love to answer the questions, however, and here are today's questions!

Saturday 9: Shambala (1973)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This week's song refers to the mythical kingdom of Shambala. Can you think of another song that mentions to faraway, mythical land?
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

2) "Shambala" is performed by Three Dog Night. The name is derived from an Aboriginal Australian legend. In the outback, hunters would sleep with a dog beside them. If it was very cold, they would sleep between two dogs. If it was freezing -- you guessed it -- it was a three dog night. Was it cold last night where you are?
No.  It was just normal...very pleasant.

3) The lead singer is the late Cory Wells. Early in his career he was a member of the house band at the famous Sunset Strip nightclub Whiskey-A-Go-Go. Cory was a bit of an anomaly at "The Whiskey" because of his sober lifestyle. When did you most recently enjoy an adult beverage?
Oh lord, it's been so long, I can't remember.

4) Bandmate Danny Hutton auditioned to be a member of The Monkees TV show. He didn't get the part. While he was a talented singer-songwriter, NBC was looking for musicians who could also act. Have you ever fantasized about a career as a performer?
Definitely not.  I remember being in a restaurant one day when Alan Alda and his family came in.  The restaurant had cleared out one part so they had the only table and he sat with his back to the rest of us.  I'd hate to have to live like that.  (can you imagine Taylor Swift going out to buy a quart of milk?)

5) Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys was an early supporter of Three Dog Night's. What's your favorite Beach Boys song?
I checked out the Beach Boys' top 40 songs and didn't recognize any of them.

6) In 1973, when this song was popular, one of the best-selling toys Curious George plush doll packaged with a Curious George book. Can you recall a favorite book from your childhood?
I have a very strong memory of reading "The Black Stallion" when I was 10, which got me into reading every book on horses and dogs that I could find.

7) The Exorcist was in theaters, terrifying audiences. It's still ranked among the scariest movies of all time. Have you seen it? Did it scare you?
I saw it a long time ago, when it first came out, and can't remember whether it scared me or not.  I haven't seen the new version.

8) Roller skates were a big seller in 1973. While most rinks had skates available for rent, committed skaters had their own pair. Are you better on roller skates or ice skates?
Definitely roller skates.  I took ice skating lessons in grammar school and could, at the time ice skate, but I never could do anything other than skate forward.  Never even learned how to skate backward.

9) Random question -- Here's $100. What will you spend it on?





Wednesday, February 21, 2024


Lester's on the roof.  We got a note from Jeri this morning that Lester was in the ER and that it "didn't look good."  Later in the afternoon, she wrote to say that Lester had "moved on."  I'm a little weepy.  It's like saying goodbye to a grandchild.

Lester and her sister were abandoned at birth, left at the local post office.  I took them in and called them Tater and Tot--because they looked like tater tots.

One day old

Phil and Jeri had been talking about getting a dog and we convinced them they wanted to adopt one of these two.  They chose Tot and named her "Lester" after their favorite baseball player.  Tater got adopted by someone, but Lester stayed here until Phil could fly out to bring her back to Boston

(these dogs are all the same age!)

Phil and Lester were very happy to finally meet each other.

She has become their whole life.  I love that Jeri takes videos every morning when she is taking Lester out for a walk and shares it with the family.  

It has become obvious that, at 15, she was slowing down.  She didn't run ahead on walks, she couldn't go up and down stairs and had to be carried.  It was obvious that the time was coming, but still it's painful to know she has passed over that rainbow bridge, and it hurts that I can't be in Boston to hug Jeri and Phil.


Lester (6 mos) and Bouncer (1 yr)
Bouncer died a year ago.


Tuesday, February 20, 2024


I certainly can't complain about mail today:  I got 2 birthday cards, 6 postcards and 8 letters! Two of the postcards were through Postcrossing, so I guess things are now going well with that.  Letters that came from new people came through InCoWriMo or other on-line sites I signed up for.  Several new people to get acquainted with.  

I'm also trying to learn how to make ATCs (Artist Trading Cards -- my first attempt is at the left).  

I joined a Facebook group and watched several videos on YouTube.  YouTube videos drive me crazy. You want to learn how to put together an ATC.  The video is half an hour long and in the first 10 minutes all you see is someone holding a white card and talking about what an ATC is and doing NOTHING about making one.  And each step of the creative process takes another long stretch of holding something and talking about it,  but doing nothing with it.  Every single one of the "how to" videos I've watched (and skimmed through), from ATCs to journals to anything else take 30-40 minutes and could easily be done in 10 minutes and still get the same information across.

The other videos I hate are where the person making the craft doesn't really know what she's doing.  It's like filming me trying to decide what I want to do and trying this and that and discarding things.  Decide what you're going to show people and put it together, don't spend such a long time testing things that you aren't going to use.

Maybe I'm just extra grumpy now that I'm 81.



Who knew Bubba liked bananas?


Monday, February 19, 2024


 Ned told me that Monk is now on Netflix.  What a great thing.

I love Monk and watch it all the time.  Having it on Netfix means (a) the picture is bigger, since if fills the entire screen instead of just a box in the middle; (b) there are no commercials; (c) I can watch it continuously all day long (which I don't, but I could if I wanted to).

I discovered last night that it's perfect as a sleep aid.  When I woke up in the middle of the night, I did Wordle and then tried to get back to sleep.  I decided to turn on Monk.  It's absolutely perfect.  I know every episode, so if I fall asleep, I don't "miss" anything.  I slept for about 3 hours with Monk on in the background.  I may do this frequently.

Ned says he does the same thing with Better Call Saul.  He knows the show so well, he can sleep through it and not be bothered that he missed anything.

There are some perks to being a TV addict!



following the afternoon storm


Sunday, February 18, 2024

Turning 81

What a perfect birthday it was!  The day started with Ned baking croissants for breakfast.  I spent the morning writing and working on journals.  For lunch, Ned made egg salad sandwiches (one of my favorites) and when I went to eat mine, he pointed out I had gifts.  There were three books from my Amazon wish list, 2 from Ned and Marta and one from Walt.

After lunch, I went back to writing and journaling.  Ned came in with a package that had just been delivered.  It was a gift from Jeri.

(I guess now there is an easy way to find a gift for me...a new puzzle!)

Walt went to the store and came home with a dozen red roses.  I had about 150 or more birthday wishes on Facebook.

 Jeri called and we chatted for a bit and then Tom and Lacie called on facetime.

I was disappointed that Brianna wasn't in on the call, but then she texted me, so I got to hear from her too.

Before dinner, Ned handed me another birthday gift, which turned out to be crab utensils because he served crab for dinner.  It was one of, if not "the" biggest crabs I've ever had

During dinner instead of watching Family Feud, we watched Singing in the Rain. Then after dinner, there was cheesecake.

After cheesecake, I finally watched Oppenheimer, which may have been the low point in the day, but at least I got to see it (and not quite sure what all the fuss is about!)

I had a good sleep and got 4 on Wordle before falling back asleep again.  All in all, being 81 so far has been decidedly pleasant!



Saturday, February 17, 2024

Sunday Stealing - Music


Welcome to Sunday Stealing. This feature originated and published on WTIT: The Blog. Here we will steal all types of questions from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent questions. Cheers to all of us thieves.

Stolen from Pinterest 

Name a song that...

1. You enjoy, in another language.
"Non, je ne regrette rien" by Edith Piaf

2. Recently introduced you to a new singer
I hear there's a singer named Taylor Swift I should listen to.

3. You listen to to energize
"Thank God You're Doing fine" by Lawsuit

4. Is your favorite song from a musical.
Oh so many!  But I love "For Good" from Wicked and how could I forget Over the Rainbow.

5. Reminds you of an old love
My first boyfriend and I laughed that Harry Belafonte's "Mama look-a BooBoo" was our song.  We felt it was about my father.

6. Make you think of one of your children
"Funny" makes me think of my sons David and Paul

7. Makes you smile when you hear it.
John Denver's "Grandma's Feather Bed."

8. You love but is quite unknown
"Bottles of Chance"

9. That annoys you.
Any hard rock.

10. That your parents used to listen to.
"If I didn't care" by the Ink Spots

11. From your early years of childhood
In grammar school, we had to bring in a record of our favorite song.  I brought Bing Crosby's 'Don't Fence Me In"

12. That has a color in the title.
Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polkadot Bikini

13. That needs to be played loud.
There was a time, before I was married, when I would come home from work, lie in front of the stereo and play Judy Garland's "Stormy Weather" full blast.

14. That is perfect for a road trip.
Copacabana or this one

15. That reminds you of yourself.
The song I want played at my funeral:  Save Me a Seat by Steve Schalchlin, but really  "For Good" from Wicked




The interesting thing about this picture is
there is not a single bike in it!
(but Walt's office is on the right, at the end of the block)


Sunday Stealing

  Welcome to Sunday Stealing. This feature originated and published on WTIT: The Blog. Here we will steal all types of questions from every ...